TA-DA: My favorite flag – The Grand Union Flag

As promised – my favorite flag – the Grand Union Flag

In an earlier article, I mentioned that the Union Flag (Union between England and Scotland) was one of the most hated flags by the Insurgents in America.  It was a constant reminder that the Crown was not a friend to the Colonies, that the King and Parliament were taking away their rights as British citizens. 

Another flag I featured was the "Rebellious Stripes" flag of the Sons of Liberty. 

Well, today, let me introduce you to the Grand Union Flag – the "you-got-peanut-butter-in-my-chocolate" of Revolutionary Era flags.

As you can see, this flag is a hybrid of the Union flag and the Sons of Liberty flag.

It was first flown over George Washington’s headquarters at Cambridge on January 1, 1776. 

Here’s why I love this flag:  It was totally "in your face, oh, King!"  The British Union Flag was a ROYAL ensign and could only be used with Royal permission by official government organizations and His Majesty’s military.  Any other use was against the law. 

As the Colonial Army was being formed and made official, a royal decree came down from on high rejecting the Colonist’s "protestations of loyalty." 

This flag was our answer – a clear message of defiance.  They didn’t have the King’s permission.  And they just didn’t care.

Good on ya, boys!