Amos Wright – Concord

3C Amos WrightAmos Wright, though not the owner of the tavern, was the proprietor of the Concord tavern.  From 2 a.m. on, when the alert was sounded by Samuel Prescott, the tavern was buys.  First, it was the gathering place for the Militia and Minutemen from Concord.  Later, Redcoat Colonel Smith and his men reconvened after exchanging shots with the Militia at the North Bridge.

At this point, Smith’s forces are in disarray and disbelief.  When the Militia got serious about the fight, after Captain Isaac Davis was killed, they were careful to aim for officers.

It is said that, when the short flurry of fighting ended at the bridge, almost half of the Redcoat officers were dead.  Unlike the American soldiers, who have always been able to act independently of orders if need be, the Redcoat soldiers were rather lost without someone telling them what to do next.

Enter Amos Wright and Wright Tavern. 

Smith and Pitcairn are in foul moods and their men are confused, hungry and shocked at the way the day has gone.  So Smith takes them to the tavern to feed them and tend their injuries as best he can.  Legends tell the story of drink being brought to an angry Pitcairn without a spoon to stir. He used his bloodied finger to stir and exclaimed in no uncertain terms his desire to spill Colonial blood.  The rest of the day bears out this apparent desire on Pitcairn’s part.

It must have been with trembling hands that Amos and his family served these Redcoats.  They were not just enemy soldiers.  They were soldiers who were now out for blood.  While those at Wright Tavern would not fare too badly, the same cannot be said of those at Munroe Tavern later in Lexington.