The Green Mountain Boys Flag

green-mountain-boys_1The Green Mountain Boys, under the command of Ethan Allen marched under this flag.  This militia group was from the New Hampshire Grants that later became Vermont.  This militia formed to protect their land grants which were granted by New Hampshire.  The British government officially gave them to New York. So, when New York attempted to take control of their lands, the Green Mountain Boys militia was born.  On several occasions, Ethan Allen and his boys repelled attempts to take their land.

Though they are known for capturing Fort Ticonderoga along with Colonel Benedict Arnold (before he fell in with that Redcoat scalawag Andre), one of their most impressive contributions was the capture of canon and ammunition that Colonel Henry Knox used to reinforce General Washington’s control of the city of Boston. 

This flag is unique both because of its coloring and  the scattered arrangement of the 13 stars on the canton.