YES to Independence!

     In just a few days, the people of Scotland will be voting on Independence. My Scot heart swells with pride at the thought.
      Scotland has not been their own country for over four hundred years. And yet, the brushfires of freedom in the hearts of the Scots have never been fully quenched.
      I wonder what Will Munroe would say. His Great-Grandfather William was born just after the Union of the Crowns and was brought to America in 1657 as an indentured servant. He worked hard, bought his freedom and started a dynasty of sorts in Lexington, Massachusetts.
      Would the Munroe family have left America if their homeland had been free? Obviously we can only speculate. This Clan, though, lost more men on April 19th than any other family in New England. Over 25% of the Colonists killed that day had ties to Clan Munroe.
      Clan Munroe was invested in Liberty.
      That is not to say that all the Scots in America were on the side of Independence. I’m sad to say – many fought with the British Army for King George.
      So, the question that will be asked and answered on September 18th is the same question that was asked here on our shores. It was answered so poignantly by Captain Levi Pearson –

In 1843, 91-year-old Capt. Levi Preston was asked by a young historian why he had fought in the American Revolution. “What we meant in going for those Redcoats was this: we always had been free, and we meant to be always free. They didn’t mean we should.”

     Will Scotland be free?
      I’d be voting YES.