Scene One – Go! having been stuck in the research rabbit-hole for a very long time, I have written scene one of the book.  My writer’s group kicked me in the fanny last night and I knew it was time.

Do I have all the research I need?  Well, I don’t have all I need to finish, but I have all I need to start.  And so it started, over dinner, on Tuesday, April 18th, 1775.

No talk of rebellion at the table though.  Mother wouldn’t have it.  So it was a fairly quiet meal, the family lost in their own thoughts.   They knew they were on the precipice.  But, they couldn’t know what would come in a few short hours.

In a few hours, word would arrive that there were Redcoat patrols out.  In a few more, Revere and Dawes would ride in and the alarm bell would be sounded.

Few would sleep that night.  For some, that bell would ring for the last time.

And so it begins.