What does it matter?

I’m a fiction writer.  I have a dozen “projects” I would love to be working on.  A Scottish time-travel adventure romance.  A modern day Western romance series.  Those are on the top of my list.

And yet I can’t write those.  Not yet.  Not sure if I will ever be able to go back to blissfully writing fiction.

Not that I’m not absolutely in love with Revive 1775.  I am.  But, frankly, it was in the pile of projects.  I was busy casting and researching the Western series with the still small voice said Revive 1775.  I think it’s my mission.

independenceTo bring these people to life once again.  To light the fire of the American Revolution in the hearts of my people.  To be so very grateful for their sacrifices.

Why?  Because it matters, I guess.  It can make a difference.



Reviving 1775: The Plan

The plan is simple:  write books that revolve around the people and the events of April 19th, 1775.  Why?  Because we’re losing our history.  Because that day should live in Infamy!  Because the stories need telling.

And so I’ll begin with a love story.  Then I might have a mystery.  And then I’d like to do another something.  But don’t hold me to it.

Another part of the plan is to blog about the process.  About research.  About how the story is coming together or not.  You get the picture.

So come back often and we’ll share in this journey to Revive 1775.